Sulfuric acid

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Minera Santa Rita is self-sufficient as it supplies the Sulfuric Acid needed for the plants. The company possesses two modular plants for the production of Sulfuric Acid through contact method. Each of the plants has a capacity of 50 tons per day. One is located in the Mining and Industrial Complex in Olacapato, at more than 4,000masl, being the only one located above this altitude. All of its production is destined to the production of Boric Acid. The second plant is located in the Industrial Park in Palpalá, Jujuy. This plant generates a surplus production that MSR offers to the national market of the north west of Argentina (NOA region: Jujuy, Salta and Tucumán). In this way, our company offers a high quality, low cost, competitive alternative to the regional industries.With an installed capacity of 36,000 tons per year, MSR is the fifth national producer of Sulfuric Acid and leader in the north region.

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