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Chemical NameChemical FormulaBoron content as B2O3Purity like B elementAppearanceGranulometrySolubility in waterpH of aqueous solution
Disodium Octoborate Tetrahydrate.Na2B8O13.4H2067,5% mín.21% mín.White powder.Powder (90% pass mesh 200)Extremely SolubleMildly alkaline


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Aquabor® MSR is a multipurpose product with general applications in industrial and consumer products. It is a mild alkaline salt composed of a fine white powder that dissolves easily in water. Aquabor® dissolves even in cold water, with the maximum possible dispersion and solubility rate to obtain supersaturated solutions with high concentrations of boron.

In addition to its already established use as a spray on farms, it can be used in various ways in agro-industrial markets. Minera Santa Rita S.R.L. produces its Aquabor® in a modern spray-drying plant built entirely of 316L stainless steel, which guarantees high purity without contamination.



Aquabor® is available in 25kg polypropylene bags and 680.40kg bulk bags. Its pH is of pH = 8.5 (5% by weight in solution at 22 ° C) pH = 7.3 (10% by weight in solution at 22 ° C).


Applications and benefits



Used as a fertilizer, this product also acts as a plant growth regulator. The ideal application method for correcting boron deficiencies is foliar.
It is also used as coating of finished solid fertilizers, in high performance liquids formulations containing either boron alone or a combination of nutrients for spraying, fertigation or irrigation.


Correcting Boron Deficiency

In solid or liquid fertilizers,  Aquabor MSR is applied to the seedbed in annual crops or under the foliar canopy of perennial crops. Perennial and annual crops can also be sprayed with boron containing solutions.
These are normally tank mixed with other micronutrients or with agrochemical products.



When used as a fertilizer, this product also acts as a regulator of plant growth. The ideal application method for correct boron deficiencies is foliar.
It is also used as a coating for solid fertilizers, in the formulations of high performance liquids containing boron and combined with other nutrients (such as NPK) for spraying, fertigation or irrigation.


Correcting Boron deficiency

In solid or liquid fertilizers, Aquabor® is applied to the seedbed in annual crops or under the canopy of perennial crops. It can be sprayed on annual or perennial crops with solutions containing boron. In general, these solutions are mixed in tank with other micronutrients or agrochemicals.


Detergents and surfactants

Aquabor® is added to compounds that have detergent or surfactant properties.



It is used to detach the leaves of broad-leaved plants. For this purpose, it is commonly used in the cotton industry. Minimal crystallizing effect Aquabor® causes minimal changes to crystallization temperatures and to the density of the formulation.


Quick dispersion

The tiny particles of this product facilitate rapid dispersion and the incorporation of viscous liquids even at  low temperatures.


This product is added to soluble powder formulations for spraying on farms. The amorphous particles of Aquabor® facilitate rapid incorporation into the water while helping to move viscous liquids even at low temperatures.

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