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Vertical integration of the supply chain


Minera Santa Rita S.R.L. (MSR) is a family owned company dedicated to the extraction, production and international marketing of Borates, its derivatives and other specialties. The main priorities of the company are quality, customer service, efficiency and environmental protection. Nowadays, MSR develops several lines of derivative products for specific applications.

Consolidated as a Holding Group, the company provides employment to 200 workers and indirect employment to more than 600 people. Our production strategy is based on a vertical integration of the supply chain with exclusive contractors in mineral production, medium-distance transportation, and the manufacturing of its main input: sulfuric acid. The company exports more than two thirds of its production.

Our products are very well known all over the world. Our customers’ portfolio includes the most prestigious companies in the USA, Canada, Europe, India, China, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and other 20 countries. In addition, MSR exports by land carriage to Brazil, consolidating its leadership position. In the Brazilian market, the company obtains the supplies needed through its non-exclusive representative Boro do Sul Ltda. (www.borodosul.com.br). The specialized sales team offices are located in Sao Paulo city offering a specialized commercial contact and “just in time” supply.




Foundation and beginnings of activity

Minera Santa Rita was founded in 1970. Our activity started in the town of Sierras Bayas, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, with a small hydrated lime plant meant to supply the construction industry. The factory was in operation for 17 years, until the company took a significant turn.


Mining Promotion Law

The company took a significant turn encouraged by the new Mining Promotion Law enacted in Argentina in the 1990s, when it began to work with heavy machinery and mining equipment for exploration and exploitation.

The vision of our founder, Mr. Nassib Haddad, placed the company in a competitively advantageous position to provide mining services to the most important projects in Argentina.

MSR was a leader in reverse air drilling during a period of high demand for exploration and mining in Argentina during this time.


Production plant

In 1998, Minera Santa Rita acquired a production plant for Bórico Acid in the town of Campo Quijano, Salta, Argentina and began a continuous process of growth in terms of mining, production and sales. Currently, MSR is one of the world leaders in the production of Boron derivatives.

Mission and Quality

Our mission is to develop the mining activity in Argentina satisfying the demand of our clients following the following principles: