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Chemical NameChemical FormulaB2O3Purity like B elementAppearanceGranulometrySolubility in waterpH of aqueous solution
Granular UlexiteNaCaB5O9.8H2O32% min.10% min.Greyish pelletGranular (2-4mm)Gradual solubilitySlightly alkaline


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Boro 10 MSR is a natural product with 10% Boron. It is used in agriculture as a fertilizer and growth regulator. The solid granules of Boro 10 MSR are applied directly to the soil. In addition, this product provides Sulfur (S) and Calcium (Ca).



Boro 10 MSR  is available in 25kg polypropylene bags and 850kg bulk bags.



Applications and benefits



Boro 10 MSR is a natural fertilizer and the most cost-efficient way to incorporate boron through soil for concentration point.



Boro 10 MSR enhances the effects of sugars on the hormone action in plants (it is highly used in Brazil in citrus production with this end), the photosynthesis process, the rate of absorption of CO2 from the air, and the growth of plant roots. Boron 10% is the most appropriate product for fertilizer mixing plants which usually add it to NPK formulations together with other micronutrients.


Boron Deficiency

For decades, boron deficiency has been recognized in a wide range of crops. This deficiency can be remedied by the correct boron application through soil, foliar or root system application methods. Boron deficiency can be detected on plants symptomatology as well as by means of soil analysis.


Controlled Release

With Boro 10, the amount of Boron available can be adjusted to improve the  assimilation of the plant.
The ability to accelerate or slow down the micronutrient’s release speed, so that it matches the window of application, results in the maximum utilization of Boron together with the highest economic efficiency. This ability depends on the requirements of each crop..