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MSR offers a variety of solutions to meet all your crop needs. Our wide range of products facilitates the supply of this essential micronutrient, the correction of boron deficiency, the controlled release of the product, and the optimization of its consumption, among many other benefits.

Our refined products with efficient applications for agriculture are: Boric Acid MSR, Aquabor 2 MSR, Aquabor MSR, Boro 10 MSR and Boro 15 MSR.


Boron is one of seven micronutrients essential to plant growth. Although micronutrients are required in small quantities, they are as important as macronutrients when it comes to plant nutrition. This micronutrient causes a significantly positive impact on grain production and most of other crops.

The most common deficiency is boron and it affects most of the crops in the world. Fertilizers with boron content maximize the quality and increase the yield in large scale crops. lack of a micronutrient as boron can limit the quality and yield to a great excess.


Boron deficiency has been recognized in a wide variety of crops for decades. This is remedied with the correct application of the micronutrient through the soil or using foliar or root application methods. Boron deficiency can be detected by performing soil tests.


As a plant nutrient, Boron is vital. The function of boron in plants is related to several processes, such as the translocation, participating within various organic compounds of the plants.

Boron is known to enhance the effects of sugars on the hormonal action in plants (this is why it is highly used with this end in the production of oranges in Brazil), the process of photosynthesis, the rate of absorption of CO2 from the air, and the growth of plant roots.


    • Asparagus Cocoa Pear
      Barley Coconut Potato
      Beans Lettuce Radish
      Broccoli Maize Rice
      Cítrus Papaya Soybean
      Banana Peach Tomato

    • Apples Coffe Oil Palm
      Cabbage Cotton Rapeseed
      Cucumber Cauliflower Sugarbeet
      Celery Groundnut Sunflower
      Carrot Mango Turnip
      Alfalfa Grape Eucalyptus


In very permeable sandy soils with a high rainfall regime, the application of a highly soluble product may leach too fast. In this case, only some of the applied boron will be harnessed. On the other hand, in clay soils or soils with moderate to low rainfall regimes, the soil can retain the product for a longer period of time. Due to these reasons, the appropriate product choice for each situation is of great importance. Making the right choice guarantees superior results for long periods of time.

The boron concentration range for each crop is relatively narrow. If an elevated concentration of boron is provided, this might become toxic. If a reduced concentration of boron is provided, it might not be sufficient to nourish the plant. For this reason, the exact quantities must be applied. In order to know what these quantities are, it is always advisable to consult an expert agronomist.


With our granulated products Boro 10 MSR and Boron 15 MSR, the Boron available in the soil can be regulated to improve the assimilation of the plant. Our products allow to accelerate or decrease the release rate of the micronutrient, so that it coincides with the application window and with the requirement of each crop. In this way, boron consumption is optimized and its application is economized.

Application Methods

The amount of boron available to the plant depends on numerous factors such as soil conditions, climatic conditions, especially the rain or drought regime, solubility and pH. The application method determines the absorption method and the amount absorbed by the plant. The main absorption methods are through the root system or the surface of the leaves. The selection of the most appropriate product depends on various factors such as soil, solubility, climate and the method of application. If you want to quickly correct the boron deficit in a plant, quick results are obtained from foliar applications through spray equipment of our soluble products. Our Boric Acid MSR, Aquabor 2 MSR, and Aquabor MSR work successfully in foliar applications. Corrections of boron deficit in soil and plantations in the medium and long term can be carried out successfully through the incorporation of boron-based micronutrients to the soil in bulk together with other fertilizers. Our Boron 10 MSR and Boron 15 MSR are extremely effective when mixed with macronutrients such as NPK.