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Vertical integration of the supply chain


MSR modern processing plant is located in Campo Quijano, 30 kilometers East from Salta City, Salta, Argentina. The facilities are over 150,000 m2, with a covered surface of 14,600 m2. The company produces over 50,000 tons of derivative boron products per year, and it plans to reach the 75,000 tons per year with the incorporation of new equipment and more technology investments.

In addition to its main production line destined to the production of Boric Acid, the plant has the latest production lines destined to the production of boron derivatives together with a modern spray dryer plant, two lines of flash dryers, and two others to produce pellets – one recently inaugurated (2016).

Vertical integration of the supply chain


MSR mining reserves are located in the main salt lakes of the South American Andes region, in the provinces of Catamarca, Salta and Jujuy in Argentina. The salt lakes with significant amounts of borates, as Tincalonite and Ulexite, are legaly owned properties of Minera Santa Rita S.R.L. The Salar Hombre Muerto is the main reserve and exploitation source of the company. The salt flat of Salar Hombre Muerto, located at an altitude of 4,100masl in Catamarca, is being open-pit mined at a rate of 60,000 tons per year. It has more than 2,000,000 tons of proven reserves and potential reserves of around 6,000,000 tons.

All of MSR salt lakes also have reserves of Lithium and Potassium salts. These reserves are being object to exploration of MSR and other important foreign companies from Japan, Korea and France. The development of future exploitations in order to produce Lithium Carbonate (used in electronic and automobile batteries) is one of the company’s aims. The second most important operating mine is “Patito” mine in Salar Centenario, Salta. It is famous for its devotion to Salta’s patron saints. All of MSR workers peregrinate in the second week of September during our patron saints’ holiday.

Vertical integration of the supply chain


Preservation of the environment is a priority to all the people part of Minera Santa Rita S.R.L. The company carries an Environment Management System that allows us to comply with current regulations in Argentina. This system mainly includes conducting periodical audits and communicating its positive results to the community.  However, MSR’s commitment to the community and the environment goes beyond current legal regulations.

We generate preventive measures to mitigate possible ecological impacts and continuously improve our productive processes with this end.

Vertical integration of the supply chain


The company’s dedicated work focuses on deepening its relation with the communities located where it develops its productive activities, especially in Campo Quijano, Olacapato and other communities close to the mines and production plants. We focus our efforts in the areas of:

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