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Chemical nameChemical formulaBoron content as B2O3Purity as Boron elementAppearanceGranulometryWater solubilitypH in aqueous solution
Sodium Pentaborate DecahydrateNa2B10O16 .10 H2O58% Min.18% Min.White, crystalline granular or powder.Granular (90% pass mesh20)-Powder (90% pass mesh 200)
Impalpable (90% pasante malla 200)



Solubrita® is a mild alkaline salt that consists of a fine white powder that is easily soluble in water.
It dissolves even in cold water to give supersaturated solutions with high boron content.
Solubrita® is a multifunctional product with a general application in both industrial and consumer products. It has a series of different uses in the agro-industrial markets.
It has long established its role in agricultural sprays. Boron is one of seven essential micronutrients for all plant growth. Boron deficiency has been recognized in a wide range of crops.



Solubrita® is available in 25 kg polypropylene bags. and 1000kg bulk bags.


Applications and benefits



Plant growth regulator. Foliar applications due to boron deficiencies. Coating of finished solid fertilisers. Formulate high performance liquids containing either boron alone or a combination of nutrients for spraying, “fertigation” or irrigation.



Compounds that have surfactant or detergent properties.



Inclusion in multi-element soluble powder formulations for spraying on farm. The amorphous particles of Solubrita facilite rapid wetting and incorporation in water and move viscous liquids even at low temperatures.


Correcting Boron Deficiency

It can be remedied by the correct application of a borate containing material in solid or liquid fertilizers, to the seedbed in annual crops or under the foliar canopy of perennial crops.
Perennial and annual crops can also be sprayed with boron containing solutions.
These are normally tank mixed with other micronutrients or with agrochemical products.



Isolation / Flame Retardant / Corrosion Inhibition.


Wood Protection

Flame proofing. Prevent wood decay from microbial attack.



Fungicide. Fungi protection. Target ants, cockroaches, crickets, silverfish, earwigs, flies, millipedes, centipedes, mold and mildew.


PH Adjusment

An acidic or basic substance used to alter the acidity (pH) of a solution or product.



Kill leaves on broad leaf plants. Commonly used in cotton production to remove leaves before harvest.



Solubrita® is compatible with most agrochemical and liquid fertilisers.