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Chemical NameChemical FórmulaBoron content asPurity as B elementAppearanceGranulometrySolubility in waterpH of aqueous solution
Sodium Borate blendNa2B10O16 .8 H2O66% min.20.5% min.White powder.Powder (90% pass mesh 200)Extremely SolubleNeutral


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Boron is one of seven micronutrients essential for the growth of plants. Boron  deficiency has been recognized in a wide range of crops. Minera Santa Rita S.R.L. produces its Aquabor 2 MSR in a modern spray-type drying plant, entirely built with 316L stainless steel, which guarantees a high purity product without contamination. It dissolves even in cold water with maximum dispersion and solubility possible to obtain super-saturated solutions with high Boron content, ideal for fertigation.



AQUABOR 2 MSR is available in 25kg polypropylene bags or in 680.40kg bulk bags.


Applications and benefits



As a fertilizer, this product is a plant growth regulator. The ideal method of application to correct boron deficiencies is foliar.
It is also used as coating of finished solid fertilizers or in the formulation of high
performance liquids containing boron by itself, or combined with other nutrients (like NPK) for spraying, “fertigation” or irrigation.


Correcting Boron Deficiency

In solid or liquid fertilizers, Aquabor2 MSR is applied to the seedbed in annual crops or under foliar canopy of perennial crops. Perennial and annual crops can also be sprayed with boron containing solutions. These are normally tank-mixed with other micronutrients or with agrochemical products.