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Insulation fiberglass: Borates are an important ingredient in insulation fiberglass, representing the largest use of borates worldwide. In insulation fiberglass manufacturing, borates act as a powerful flux and lower glass melting temperatures. Insulation fiberglass is used for thermal and acoustic insulation. Insulation fiberglass works by trapping air within its mesh of fibers to reduce the rate of heat transfer. To increase the absorbance of infrared radiation is the most important role of borates on glass fibers. Boron significantly increases the insulation performance. Even though the largest use by far is the thermal insulation of residential and commercial buildings, fiberglass has many other different uses.

Textile Fiberglass: In textile fiberglass manufacturing (of blankets, veils and others), borates act as a powerful flux lowering glass melting temperatures. Textile glass fibers are used for the reinforcement of various materials like plastic. They are woven into fabrics for high temperature industrial uses, or for decorative purposes when resistance to sunlight is important, such as curtain fabrics.