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Environmental Policy, Health and Occupational Safety

At Minera Santa Rita SRL, leader in the extraction, manufacture, commercialization of Borates and its derivatives, we affirm our commitment in the care of the environment, the health and personal safety of our workers , and compliance with current regulations, and others to which it adheres, in the design and execution, of our processes, products, services and projects. For this reason we:

-Evaluate our activities periodically to prevent and minimize adverse impacts on the Environment and Staff Health.
-Rationalize the use of renewable and non-renewable natural resources.
-Provide adequate and appropriate resources to implement this policy, as well as rationally manage them, considering recycling, recovery or re-use when these are technical, economically feasible.
-Evaluate environmental impacts and risks in new environmental projects.
-Establish, communicate and periodically review objectives and goals regarding Environmental Policy, Occupational Health and Safety, within the framework of the process of continuous improvement.
-Consider the Environment Policy, Occupational Health and Safety as a primary responsibility in the whole line of command. As well as involving all staff, customers, suppliers and contractors and the community in general, to increase their commitment to this policy through awareness and training at all levels involved.

This policy is aimed at maintaining interactive communications with our staff, the community, authorities, customers, suppliers and  contractors with the purpose of encouraging the participation and collaboration of all parties involved.

Our Policy is available to all our staff and the general public.