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In sandy soils with a high rainfall regime, the application of a highly soluble product may leach too fast. In this case, the amount of Boron absorbed will not be much. On the other side, in clay soils or soils with moderate to low rainfall regimes, the soil can retain the product for a longer period of time. Consequently, the amount of Boron absorbed will be higher. For these reasons, the appropriate product choice in each situation is of great importance. Making the right choice guarantees superior results for long periods of time. MSR offers a complete line of products that satisfies every need.
With Boro 10 MSR and Boro 15 MSR, the amount of Boron available can be adjusted to improve the plant’s assimilation of the product. The ability to accelerate or diminish the micronutrient speed of release, in such a way that it matches with the application window, results in the maximum utilization of Boron together with the highest economic return. This ability depends on the requirements of each crop. It must be noticed that high concentrations of Boron could be toxic to the plant while low concentrations probably won’t be enough to accomplish the plant’s nutrition.
This results in a relatively narrow range of concentration between too much and too little. For this reason, the correct amount must be applied. In order to know which the correct amount for each type of crop is, we recommend seeking for an expert agronomist’s advice.